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IWATA TSUSHO is a company based in Japan which buys motor vehicles in Japan on behalf of clients in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Fiji, Africa, India, UAE, Russia, Pakistan, North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eas Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Africa Oceania and ships the vehicles to these clients. 

IWATA TSUSHO is experienced and up to date in the requirements and restrictions of each and every country.  Client orders are accurately and faithfully filled.  If a vehicle is available in Japan we will source it at the best possible price for you.

The company is a member of the most Japanese Vehicle Auctions and is able to provide representation for clients. 

IWATA TSUSHO can also buy direct from local vehicle dealers whereever appropriate.  

The company is very experienced in the export of second hand vehicles from Japan having been in business for more than 25 years. 
The company deals with wholesalers and retail traders in the country of destination. We understand the need to deliver high grade cars to satisfy a discerning buyer and maximize the end value.  Please contact us via email or call us to discuss your specific requirements. We can do the following for you.

  • Provide vehicles of your choice at the cheapest possible prices
  • Respond to your enquiries within 24 hours in most of the cases
  • Posses experience of 25 years in this business
  • Believes in excellent customer service

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